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Award winning Menswear designer Loris Diran is of French-Armenian descent and immigrated to America at an early age, where his family settled on New York's upper west side. It was NYC's glam culture as well it's Urban Grit that gave birth to his aesthetic, which he describes as "A dialogue between Sartorial and Streetwear".

Diran cut his teeth working for such legendary luxury design houses as VERSACE, CLAUDE MONTANA, and CHANEL. It was at these institutions Diran learned the key elements of style and embraced conceptual design as a lifestyle.


Diran elaborates on his menswear evolution by stating, 'Rustic textures should interplay in unlikely combinations, the familiar must be executed in unfamiliar textiles, and traditional menswear details need to be twisted just enough to create newness.'


Loris has been a fixture on the New York fashion scene as part of New York Fashion Week for 15 seasons and has designed key men’s wardrobe for the hit film, ‘Devil Wears Prada’, the Philadephia Ballet, and Keanu Reeves' film, 'Daughter of God'. 

His growing presence in the international design community earned him the FASHION GROUP INTERNATIONAL ‘RISING STAR’ Award for Best Menswear Designer in 2011, as well as invitations to debut his collection on the runways of Milano as a guest of VOGUE ITALIA and Hong Kong Fashion Week.









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